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Info for Student Associations & Residences

The transition to university is an exciting and liberating experience.

We understand that being away from home in new surroundings can be difficult for a young person. Many face developing new friendship groups while also dealing with financial, social and study pressures, all of which are often tough to navigate.

This is why our university program seeks to meet students in the midst of this fundamental time of life, to support them with a shoulder to lean on and a positive peer presence.

Red Frogs aim to provide direct relief to students during potentially harmful situations.

#How we help

Orientation Week

Not only do Red Frogs make O’ Weeks fun and engaging, but we also keep an eye out for anyone who looks like they need some support.

Alcohol-Free Events

Red Frogs can assist with or run an event for universities and residential colleges that is alcohol-free and inclusive of students who are under the age of 18. Red Frogs conduct cafe crawls, games nights, random acts of pancakes, braai’s - the list goes on! These dry events provide a great off-ramp for students who want a break from drinking activities and also fun alcohol-free alternatives for students whose choices are otherwise limited.

Student Support

Our crew provide students with study and stress relief by visiting colleges/uni campuses throughout the semester (and especially in the lead up to exams) to hand out lollies, share snacks and play games with students. We find these visits create a friendly atmosphere, build community and provides pastoral care to those feeling overwhelmed, lonely or just needing someone to talk to.

Party Support

Our crew provide direct relief in the form of ‘hydration stations’, which allow us to create a controlled and safe space for people to rehydrate with water, chill out and chat with someone. Having a presence in these environments reduces the risk of harmful behaviours and potential incidents.

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