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FAQs for Matric Volunteers

What will my week at Matric look like as a volunteer?

Other than a guaranteed bunch of fun and life-changing experiences, your week will vary depending on the location, time block and role. Generally you are rostered in a small team and volunteer for approximately 8 hours each day/night (more or less). Small regular breaks are encouraged throughout. For most locations/roles, you will be unable to work as volunteering is a full-time commitment. Additional activities can easily be thrown into the mix for your day - ie, morning pancake cook-ups, late night walk homes, extra debriefing sessions etc.

When will I find out my hotel/accomodation and team details?

Applications close two weeks before Schoolies/Leavers begins. With just two weeks to finalise approvals, confirm roles and assign teams, things can be a bit chaotic. Add in role changes and last minute drops out, you can imagine the shuffling that takes place! You will be told these details as soon as they are confirmed, usually 24-48 hours before you arrive to volunteer. However in the two weeks before Schoolies/Leavers begin, you will be emailed more details, such as specific arrival times/locations and general volunteer information.

This is my first year volunteering. What are some tips to help prepare myself?

1. Volunteering at Schoolies/Leavers week is a fun, but exhausting week. Be sure to be well rested before you arrive and try and take naps in your spare time if possible. Being mentally and emotionally prepared is also just as important.

2. Dress for the role. Appropriate length pants/jeans, spare clothes for your time off and a hat are all recommended. Comfortable shoes will be your best friends. A second pair is also a smart idea (wet shoes are bad, vomit shoes are worse).

3. The week has a basic schedule, but every day is unpredictable. You will need to be prepared for anything - crazy busy nights, day shifts, hours sitting around waiting, quiet times with barely any interactions, serious incidents, amazing connections and fun times.

4. Some meals are provided (check your location details), but snacks are super important. Dinner is often very early (4-7pm), as the earlier we start, the more we can help school leavers. If you tend to get hangry, come prepared with lot of snacks! Healthy snacks like fruit and nuts will also help your body cope with the stress.

Does my Blue Card/ WWCC need to be approved before I can apply?

No. Please be sure to submit your required forms with sufficient time to be processed. We can approve your application before Blue Card approval, but you will be unable to volunteer if your Blue Card is not approved in time. We work closely with the Blue Card Commission to monitor the progress of applications.

What happens if my Blue Card/ WWCC isn’t processed in time?

Different locations have different requirements for volunteers. You can still volunteer in certain roles where there is no direct face-to-face interactions with with children (such as Call Centre and Support Crew). Also if you were planning on volunteering at the Gold Coast, Byron Bay is a common alternate, as checks are obtained quite quickly.

#Have any questions? feel free to contact us.