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Info for Event Organisers

Red Frogs have been a part of South Africa's largest music festivals and other major events including Matric Holiday and University parties for years.

Over that time, Red Frogs has become a familiar, trusted and ‘safe’ brand, which builds instant rapport with the SA's youth and young adult demographics.

The purpose of Red Frogs at music festivals is to work closely and transparently with the First Aid contractor in order to provide a holistic crowd care strategy, where the medical response becomes proactive instead of reactive.

Being a fence at the top of the cliff, instead of the ambulance down the bottom, means that our crew are able to get to incidents just in time - instead of after time.



Chill-out zone


Hydration station


Tea, coffee and pancakes


Roving teams

#Our Volunteers

Our volunteers are your eyes and ears at events, equipped and trained to be proactive rather than reactive in order to reduce potential incidents and create a safer space for patrons.

Many also have experience working with young people at Matric Holiday and other major events.

#Our Experience


Red Frogs have been supporting festival-goers since 2013


Festivals supported in 2018


Festival patrons supported in 2018

#Previous Events

Splashy Fen

Oppi Koppi


Rocking The Daisies


Fun In The Sun


The Red Frogs organization have and continue to be a key part in the rebirth of Splashy Fen. Splashy is now known as the friendliest festival in SA, and the work done by the Red Frogs fits in perfectly with that motto. Our festival aims to encourage responsible behavior and the Red Frogs help us in developing that culture through a peer program that is a lot more attractive and far reaching than other means. As an organization, they have been significant contributors to the experience of our attendees.

Splashy Fen

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