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FAQs for Teachers

Can you customise your program to suit the specific needs of our students and line up with our school's core values?

We believe customising this program to your students' needs is a vital step in presenting engaging and relevant information. We always take special consideration when presenting sensitive topics. Presenters will contact the school shortly before the program to identify possible triggers and sensitive topics or to determine if the presentation needs to be adjusted slightly to align with your school's core values.

How do I confirm our school’s booking?

Your school may have tentatively booked a date or simply enquired if a date is available. Please note this does not confirm the date for your school. The booking school must submit an online booking form via our website. This will confirm the date for your school and make sure that we have all the necessary information for a successful program with your students. Red Frogs will then send a return email to you when the booking form has been received, confirming your booking.

What time do I expect RFE presenters to arrive at my school at the beginning of a program?

Presenters will arrive at your school 20-30 minutes before the presentation begins. They will also contact the school 24-48 hours before the presentation to touch base on any additional needs you may have.

Should/how do we introduce a presenter to the students?

If you are unsure on how to introduce a RFE presenter, simply introduce us by our first name and share that we are from Red Frogs South Africa. We will take it from there.

Do Red Frogs hand out lollies during programs?

Yes! RFE presenters always carry Allens red frog lollies, and regularly hand them out in presentations to encourage engagement and participation. Please let the presenter know before the program commences if you wish them to refrain from handing out lollies.

What staff presence is required during a RFE program?

Due to the nature of some of RFE's programs, sensitive issues may be raised throughout the presentation (e.g. depression, suicide, drugs, sexual assault etc) and follow-up may be required. Having a couple of teachers present would be beneficial to this process.

In what ways can we partner with Red Frogs in our school/ with our students?

We would love to be more than an annual one hour program at your school. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to see how we can serve your school on an ongoing basis. This could include charity days, breakfast programs or lunchtime programs. We would love to stay in touch with you!

What equipment do we need to provide for the presentation?

Please refer to the Audio Visual checklist for full details.

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Party Safe Program

Party Safe Program

Encourages and empowers your students to make positive choices at Matric Holiday and other party environments.

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