Thanks for having us Oppikoppi

Sunday, 10 August 2014

OppiKoppi is almost over but the Red Frogs haven’t finished yet. On our final day we have managed to make the most pancakes and hand out the most water of all three days!

Today we have been overwhelmed with thankful festival goers returning and re-returning to our tents in response to our support on previous days.

Red Frogs at Oppikoppi   Support at Oppikoppi

News from our team leaders reports today:

Over 2000 Festival goers have come through our tents today.

One team visited 8 different campsites in 3 hours on patrol.

The teams have had a large number of festival goers asking for help in different situations.

During the early morning patrol (3am-6am) our Froggers helped over 30 lost people back to their tents. We have seen thousands of bottles of water, pancakes and sweets distributed to hundreds of thankful festival goers. We have been able to help many people back to their campsites and supported a large number of those in need through our medical tent.

All the volunteers from admin, to patrol, pancake flippers and the medics have been working tirelessly and we are immensly grateful to each one for spending their weekend volunteering as Red Frogs. 

Red Frogs at Oppikoppi   Helpful staff at Oppikoppi

Overall we have had another great year of safeguarding a generation of festival goers!

A HUGE thank you to all of our sponsors for making our time here at Oppikoppi possible. The feedback from festival goers has been amazing and they can't wait to see us back again next year.


With the full moon out we are ready for one last night.

It’s been a pleasure Oppikoppi – we’ll see you next year!