Ragers head to the coast

Thursday, 27 November 2014

As thousands of Matric Ragers head to the coastline cities of Umhlanga, Ballito, Margate, and Plett this Friday, the Red Frog volunteers are preparing to be a positive presence at these locations.

Thanks to ABI we have 2000 bottles of water so we’ll be able to increase awareness around dehydration and hand out free water bottles on the streets and outside clubs. 

Our call centre volunteers are ready for the influx of calls, mainly relating to pancake bookings. Our volunteers are expecting to make over 100 000 pancakes at this year’s Matric Rage. In Ballito we’ll have our pancake trailer out on the streets at night so Matrics come on over and grab a pancake before you go out.

24/7 Hotline Number : 060-733-3764

                           Volunteers are ready for rage    Red Frogs Pancakes

For the first time this year the Sound Factory will be in Durban, at Kings Park Stadium. We have set up a chill out/hydration station at the Sound Factory and welcome anyone who needs water, or just needs to take some time out, to stop in at our tent.

Cartoon Candy have delivered another tonne of Red Frog Sweets, so watch out cause our volunteers are armed with jelly sweet goodness. These sweets are such a great way of starting conversation and are a factor in our harm prevention strategy. A simple sweet can dissolve tension, stop fights, and build friendships. 

To get in touch with us during the next 2 weeks contact info.za@redfrogs.com or for media related queries contact pippa.rowney@redfrogs.com.

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