First year at Stellies Jool

Tuesday, 16 April 2013





February 2013, the Red Frog Crew hit Stellenbosch University Jool (O-week Parties).  The Crew was out on the streets of Stellies every night, ensuring the students had a safe, fun and memorable Jool. The Frogs set up a pancake stand in a prime spot where students walked past every night. Each night the crew used about 12 liters of pancakes mix and over the entire Jool period made around 2000 pancakes! The pancakes stand was the place to be with the regulars returning night after night. It wasn’t uncommon to hear “You guys make the best pancakes EVER!” yelled through the streets of Stellies, as well as stories of students spending their nights at the pancake stand rather than going out to the clubs, because they loved hanging out with the Crew.

The support to the Frogs from the Stellenbosch Police Department and local business and club owners made such a difference to Jool 2013. The Red Frogs Crew was able to support the student throughout Jool, and even on a night when thousands of people flocked in to Stellies to be a part of Vensters, the volunteers stepped up, over 30 of them, and it was an epic night.

Being a positive presence in the Stellies Jool environment meant walking students home late at night, making pancakes so the students had food in their stomachs, handing out loads of Red Frog sweets while chatting about the start of a great University year, helping out with cuts and scratches, and assisting in making Jool 2013 fight free. In turn we had students modeling safety values as they assisted their friends and ensured they got help. 

What is traditionally know as a wild and treachrous week in the Stellnbsoch calander turned out to be a fun and safe week for the students and it was a proviledge for the Red Frogs to be a part of this. You will see the Red Frog Crew around Stellies every week during the term and they are so excited to see the Frogs positive presence spread around Stellenbosch as they invade residences, more parties and even klein saterdag.