Day 1 at Oppikoppi

Friday, 8 August 2014

The first day of Oppikoppi 2014 is nearly complete!

What a day it has been. Oppi goers warmly welcomed the Red Frogs Crew – many didn’t want the free pancakes or sweets but just wanted to hang out with us!

Red Frogs at Oppikoppi     Red Frogs at Oppikoppi

It was encouraging that so many festival goers recognised the Frogs from previous years and shared positive memories with our volunteers.

It was a fun day as our Oppi Red Froggers caught up with friends they had met last year.  


Pancakes made: 604

Water handed out: 415 bottles

Ping Pong games played: plenty


Our crew were able to help a number of lost Oppi goers back to their tents, and one team even spent 2 hours with a girl who was lost and had been walking on her own.

They walked with her until she found her tent.


Other festival goers really appreciated the large Oppikoppi Map outside Camp A to help direct them around the festival grounds.

We have already seen that the water, sponsored by ABI, is going to be of paramount importance for many festival goers during the heat of the day.


Overall the first day has seen many relaxed, appreciative festival goers thankful to see the Red Frogs back for another year.

We are looking forward to the next few days as we get to safeguard a generation of festival goers.