A Busy Day 2 at Oppikoppi

Saturday, 9 August 2014

The second day of Oppikoppi has been a busy one! Between the two campsites the team have seen hundreds of grateful people coming to the tents for pancakes and water, and even more as we roam the campsite on our team patrols.

Our teams have directed numerous lost festival goers back to their campsites today. Throughout the day our teams have been walking around the Oppikoppi campsite, traveling to the farthest edges – and even there the Red Frogs were already known!

Red Frogs at Oppikoppi   Volunteers handing out water at Oppikoppi

We have had such a fun day, with festival goers inviting us to hang out with them at their campsites and they in return visit out tent for pancakes and a game of ping pong.

Our crew have been amazing! They have been flipping pancakes all day for not only the festival goers but the staff at various stations around the campground.

                          Red Frogs at Oppikoppi   Red Frogs at Oppikoppi    

With free water on demand at our tents we were able to help out a number of dehydrated people today, and our presence around the campsite has made a huge difference in locating several incidents and calling on necessary measures to help people in need.

All in all a busy but successful Day 2 at Oppikoppi.  Our crew have been able to resolve many conflicts, guide the lost and support festival goers coming into difficulty.

We have been very warmly accepted and appreciated and for this we are always thankful. We are really enjoying the regulars and familiar faces popping in to our tents, whether it's just to say hi, grab a pancake, or come and have a chat.

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