Plettenberg Bay


Applications now open for 2018


Matric Vac in Plettenberg Bay is a matric celebration like none other. Plettenberg Bay is South Afica’s oldest and largest venue for matric holiday in South Africa and runs over a 2 week period attracting over 15 000. Red Frogs operate closely with the local residents in Plett, who become very involved in the organization of the events and parties and are a critical partner in making sure that everything runs smoothly and without incident.

This year, as the huge crowds of matrics prepare to descend on the quiet and picturesque little town, a group of legendary Red Frogs prepare to safeguard and serve a generation, you can be one of these legends!

Red Frogs in Plettenberg Bay is about supporting a generation of school leavers during what can be an enjoyable, yet at times, physically and emotionally confronting week.


The Red Frogs Crew support accommodation providers with assistance in looking after the Matrics in hotels, time-share units and campsites.

Of course, the Red Frog Crew would be helpless without the support of their awesome Support Crew who make sure they care and serve the volunteers as they serve the matrics.


Volunteering for Red Frogs in Plettenberg Bay is an awesome opportunity for you to get connected with others who have a like-minded passion for the next generation. From cooking pancakes to walking kids home in the early hours of the morning we can guarantee you will leave Matric week knowing that you have made a difference in the life of someone else.



Full Time

30th November - 8th December 2018



Team Members  

The Red Frog crew have a never say never attitude.  As a volunteer you are part of a team of 4 or 5 people that stay together and are assigned a different hotel or accommodation facility to look after. You will also be rostered to certain shifts during the night where your team will be on the streets at night, either outside the clubs or walking matrics home. During the day, you’ll go with your team to your different pancake bookings, and there are stacks each day, hang out with matrics in their accommodation and get to build great relationships with them by making them free pancakes, perhaps cleaning up their mess (and there is lots usually) and chatting.


Team Leaders**

Each team has a designated team leader. If you have a passion for leadership and feel like you’d dig to lead a team of Red Frogs for the duration of Rage then this is the role you want to sign up for. Team Leaders are responsible for looking after 3 or 4 other Red Frogs, their focus is on how their team is doing and how best to support each member. Team leaders work closely with the Zone Leadership team to make decisions on the ground outside clubs as well as how best to serve and support the Matrics during the day.


Location Leadership**

Each Location has a designated and highly trained leadership team looking after the volunteers in their area. There are three roles in the location leadership team. The Location Leader is the person who oversees all activity in the area, they make the final decisions on volunteer activity, connect with partners and accommodation managers as well as local authorities. The Pastoral Leader is, well, the pastor for that area. Their role is to care and support all volunteers, to encourage them and give them guidance in difficult situations. The Location leadership team is made up of 4 or 5 people who act as a support to both these people and are a part of the decisions affecting the entire Red Frogs contingent in that specific location.  


Call Centre

The Red Frog number receives a record amount of calls during matrics holiday celebrations and Red Frogs need dedicated, fun loving and professional people to answer these calls (sound like a job advertisement to work in a call centre?).  

The Red Frog call centre is the hub of the Red Frog movements around South Africa. Call centre volunteers are rostered on day, night and late night shifts.

As a call centre volunteer you are part of a team of people who help to direct the movements of the volunteer teams so they can make maximum impact in supporting young people at matric holiday. No matter what your age you can volunteer in the call centre. You don’t need to take the week of work, let us know what times and days work for you.

The call centre is based at St Thomas Methodist Church, Plettenberg Bay, and this is a Plettenberg Bay specific role.



**If you are applying to be a team leader or a part of the Location Leadership team you need to please apply before 20th September.  


Matrics love and respect the Red Frog Crew, it’s incredible to walk down the street or into a hotel room and have a bunch of Matrics run up to you and just want to hang out. It’s what Red Frogs is all about!

It is important to note that different people are suited to different roles. Some people serve best in a team member capacity, while others are able to use their gifts and abilities more effectively in a leadership capacity. Whatever the case may be as a volunteer you may be required day or night. Volunteering full time for Red Frogs is like going away to Mozambique on a mission trip, you’re away from your normal routine and comforts, you won’t be able to volunteer for Red Frogs and do a regular job during the day.  Trust us, the experience of staying on the coast and committing your all to the Matrics really does make it worthwhile.




Normal Registration

(Closes 2nd November 2018)

Full Time

(Including Call Centre Volunteers requiring accommodation)

R 1 300.00*

Call Centre**

(Locals not needing accommodation)

R 300.00**











*NB: Please do not pay any amounts until your application has been approved.

**NOTE: Just as you would raise money to go on a mission trip to help cover the costs of that trip, you will need to raise this money to help with the running costs. Your money will go towards; Kit (1x Shirt 1x Hoodie for you), Accommodation, Food (Dinners and Lunch) running costs (petrol, airtime, medical expenses). Please do remember to budget for your own breakfast, we suggest bringing a box of cereal.


Accommodation varies depending on what is made available to us. While occasionally you will get your own room and bed with sea view, some accommodation can include sharing a double bed, on a sleeper couch or mattress on the floor.


*This price increase is to cover the cost of inflation with regards to petrol, food and other resources.

**This is a unique and specific role which will require additional training and commitments. The cost buys you a Call Centre T-shirt and contributes to the running cost of the Call Centre.


Volunteer Policy


Please read the Volunteer Policy and the Indemnity Form before you register.


* You will be required to sign an indemnity form at your volunteer training if you get accepted to be a part of the Red Frog Crew for 2017.


Indemity Form 

Volunteer Policy


Volunteer Applications

Before you apply, please make sure you have the following information on hand:

  • Emergency contact details
  • Pastoral reference details - please note, this person needs to be able to provide a background check for you (it should not be a family member). You will need their name, phone number and email address.


We suggest filling out the form in one go, so have this info on hand.



Call Centre Applications opening soon.

For more information of volunteering in the Plett Call Centre, please email:

Volunteer Enquiries

For all volunteer/registration related enquiries related to Plett please email


For all National enquires please email