Lake Kariba (Zim)

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Volunteering at Kariba is an experience like no other! We’re incredibly excited about the opportunity to safeguard a generation of O and A Breakers at this location!

Kariba Break/Rage is a unique venue for Red Frogs as hundreds of 16 and 18 year olds head to Kariba on separate houseboats, and follow each other around Lake Kariba.


Kariba break is going into its fourth year after three amazing, consecutive trips supporting the ZimbabweansKariba is a dynamic location, and although we have experience on the lake you'd need to be willing to change and adapt as the environment and atmosphere changes each year. We have an incredible leadership team heading up Kariba Break/Rage and have had amazing support from the local community who are really excited about us being there. 

You have a great opportunity to be a part of something which is reshaping the partying culture in Zimbabwe. Red Frogs Zim is built on the foundation of what Red Frogs is all about, building relationships with O and A Breakers and making sure they’re safe. From making free pancakes on their boats and the Red Frogs boat, cleaning up their mess (we’re sure there will be some) to dealing with incidents and making sure they get back to their respective boats safely at night, our presence there is going to go a long way in safeguarding a generation of young people.

Another way to make sure we can serve the O and A Breakers as best as we can, is by serving the Red Frog teams. Being a part of our legendary Support Crew is an incredible way to serve and support our volunteers, dealing with general admin duties and vital support. 

Volunteering for Red Frogs in Kariba is an exciting way for you to get connected with others who have a like-minded passion for the next generation. Kariba Break/Rage is set in an incredible location surrounded by wild animals and beautiful views. This adds to the challenge of looking out for the kids there but you can be reassured that you will be making a huge difference in the lives of many people.




25 - 30 November 2018





The Red Frog crew have a never say never attitude.  As a volunteer you are part of a team of 4 or 5 people that stay together. You will also be rostered to certain shifts during the night where your team will be on duty. During the day, you’ll go with your team to your different pancake bookings, and there are stacks each day, hang out with O and A Breakers on their boats and get to build great relationships with them by making them free pancakes, perhaps cleaning up their mess (and there is lots usually) and chatting. Each team has a designated team leader as well as support from the location leadership; including a pastoral leader. O and A Breakers love and respect the Red Frog Crew,  and often just want to hang out with you. It’s what Red Frogs is all about!

As a volunteer you may be required day or night. Volunteering full time for Red Frogs is like going away to Mozambique on a mission trip, you’re away from your normal routine and comforts, you won’t be able to volunteer for Red Frogs and do a regular job during the day.  Trust us, the experience of staying on the boat and committing your all to the O and A Breakers really does make it worthwhile. 



Each Location has a designated and highly trained leadership team looking after the volunteers in their area. There are three roles in the location leadership team. The Location Leader is the person who oversees all activity in the area, they make the final decisions on volunteer activity, connect with partners and accommodation managers as well as local authorities. The Pastoral Leader is, well, the pastor for that area. Their role is to care and support all volunteers, to encourage them and give them guidance in difficult situations. The Assistant Location Leader is a support to both these people and helps with general admin with their area.



Enabling Red Frogs to operate during the duration of O and A Break holiday requires a huge amount of resources constantly being accessed, distributed and managed. If you like admin and helping behind the scenes, then this position would be ideal for you. Being apart of the logistics crew is a huge way to support and serve the teams as they endeavour to support the O and A Breakers, without our logistics crew, we would battle to support and serve the O and A Breakers as best as we can.



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(Closes 2nd November 2018)


USD 120.00


NOTE: Just as you would raise money to go on a mission trip to help cover the costs of that trip, you will need to raise this money to help with the running costs. Your money will go towards; Kit (1x Shirt 1x Vest for you), Accommodation, Food, running costs (petrol, airtime, medical expenses). 

Accommodation on Vunduful Houseboat.


Volunteer Policy

Please read the Volunteer Policy and the Indemnity Form before you register. 

* You will be required to sign an indemnity form at your volunteer training if you get accepted to be apart of the Red Frog Crew for 2016.

Indemnity Form

Volunteer Policy


Volunteer Applications

Before you apply, please make sure you have the following information on hand:

  • Emergency contact details
  • Pastoral reference details - please note, this person needs to be able to provide a background check for you (it should not be a family member). You will need their name, phone number and email address.


We suggest filling out the form in one go, so have this info on hand.



Volunteer Enquiries

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