Matric Holiday Seminars

The Red Frogs Matric Holiday Seminar is targeted specifically at matrics, and informs students about what really goes on during this week, arming them with the information and advice they need to make wise choices during their celebrations.

Students will be:

  • Able to make positive and informed choices based on practical insights to Matrics celebrations, provided by trained and experienced presenters.
  • Given a Matrics mini-magazine which will reinforce tips and guidelines that will help them survive Matrics and beyond.
  • Each seminar is presented by an enthusiastic and experienced local Red Frogs representative, who is able to empathise with students, while unafraid to highlight the realities of teenage life.

Running Time: 1 hour (this can be flexible).

Cost: The Red Frogs Matric holiday seminar costs R3000 for a 1 hour session. This is for a maximum of 60 students. +60 students moves to a pro rata rate of R50 per student. 

Please note, although Red Frogs is a non-profit program and relies heavily on donations, our goal is to educate as many young people as possible and therefore if budget is an issue, please do not hesitate to discuss this with us.

Students: It is preferable to conduct the seminar to an entire year level at once. Seminars have been presented to student numbers varying from 20—500 students.

Equipment & Facilities: We would appreciate it if the seminar could be held in an area where students are comfortable and where there is access to a computer / DVD player, a data projector and use of a sound amplification system. However, presenters can bring their own laptops if necessary

What People Say

"The girls certainly enjoyed your presentation – they thought you dealt with the content beautifully and that it was good to know that there was someone they could call on."Ms Campbell, Danville Park Girls High School

"The topics you raised were pertinent and the girls certainly got the message that they need to look after each other. I think you did a great job in bringing awareness of how to have a great vac. Thanks for serving our girls and all the matrics that will head south for the party of all parties."Ms Rimmer, St. Mary's School, Waverley

"The meeting was great, you really connected well with the girls and they actually listened to what you were saying. The ideas were really practical and I certainly feel more comfortable knowing that you are there for us." Kerri-Ann, Matric Student